Amelia County Property Records Search

Browse all Property Records in Amelia County, Virginia. Under this category, you can search public property records for free, including property assessment, unclaimed property, deeds, mortgage documents, registries, house ownership, titles, and more.

  • Assessor and Property Tax Records
    Amelia County Commissioner of the Revenue
    16360 Dunn St., Suite 102, Amelia, VA 23002
    Phone (804)561-2158 Fax (804)561-6472
  • GIS and Mapping, Voter and Elections Information
    View Amelia County voter and election information including election district maps.
  • Foreclosures and Tax Lien Sales
    Amelia County Treasurer
    16360 Dunn St., Suite 103, Amelia, VA 23002
    Phone (804)561-2145 Fax (804)561-3390
  • Marriage Records, Land Records and Deeds
    Amelia County Clerk Of Circuit Court
    16441 Court St., Amelia, VA 23002
    Phone (804)561-2128 Fax (804)561-6364
  • Employee Directory, Land Records
    View Amelia County Commissioner of Revenue general information page, including contact information and office hours.
  • Land Records, GIS Maps
    View Amelia County Department of Elections voter registration website for office hours, contact information and electoral board.
  • Land Records, Property Records, GIS Maps, Tax Records
    Search Amelia County property values by property owner, map number, address and street name.
  • Employee Directory, Land Records, Tax Records
    View Amelia County treasurer home page, including general information, vehicle decals and dog licenses.