About Us

The County Office is an information website which is devoted to sharing detailed and accurate information on county government offices with users. The directory covers 116 categories and over 700,000 offices across the United States, including Child Support Office, Assessor's Office, DMV Office, Schools, Unemployment Office, Medical Examiners & Coroners and more. There you can easily find useful information like locations, business hours, phone numbers and office service.

Our Features

Organized by a professional team and based on our years of experience in the Internet industry, The County Office trusts our ability to provide users with those characteristics:

1. A large database with precise information. We have a powerful database with more than 700,000 offices to make sure users can have access to the most comprehensive data. And to guarantee the accuracy of information, all we post are from reliable public sources.

2. Ease of use. To make search easier and more convenient, we adopt two different ways to allow users to search the database - by state/city and by category. Also, we attach a search box at the top of the website so that users can search what they are looking for directly and find the answer.

3. Convenience, especially for mobile users. The layout of The County Office is clean, clear and concise; in this way, we help users get information effectively. And for mobile users, we provide a mobile version of the website to make mobile access smoothly and comfortably.


The County Office is not affiliated or associated with any county office. We cannot promise that there is no mistake or error on our website; and if any harm is caused, we will not be responsible for it. However, we will be very grateful if you see one and contact us about it. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected] Your emails will be answered in a short time.